Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer is for slackers

I have sinned... It's been almost 2 months since my last confession.

I was chastised yesterday by my relationship boss... She reminded me that I haven't updated this thing in like forever and it was pissing her off. I wouldnt normally respond to such criticism but it was delivered in tones of such grandiose mocking 'Reason is one letter away from Season....' nyah nyah nyah.

THAT I couldnt ignore.

So what to talk about...

I've established a morning routine. I go through my 'favorite' list of webcomics and then check Google Reader to check on the stories of the day. Most of my subscriptions are very geeky in nature. Lifehacker, Digg (which all by itself is a festering time quagmire), PC World, TechAmok, etc, etc are among the regular courses I digest during my extended intellectual breakfast.

Digg is by far the funniest. People from all over post stories that they see elsewhere (with links to the original stories/articles) and then discuss. It's a pretty cutthroat discussion because comments are 'rated' good or bad (thumbs up or down) and nobody's very tolerant of ignorance or stupidity. There are people firmly entrenched in 'camps' (Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Nintendo, etc), these are generally branded fanboys and they get into the most wicked verbal warfare. Language aside, humor wins in these battles and logic is pretty much ignored. Good times indeed.
Not all conversations end up this way, some are serious. In a way Digg is a club in the vein of book clubs, but where anything and everything goes.

So with that said is my Summer Slacker Destination of the Day... enjoy!