Monday, March 19, 2007


After all the angry maniacal raves, the sleep deprivation sessions, the work, the anguish, the good times, the bad times, the triumphs, the failures, the thousands and thousands of dollars .... it's done.

Sunday at 11:00pm we walked out the door and turned out the lights.

It didnt feel how I thought it would though. As I looked around at the empty rooms, all the memories started to come back to me and I felt sadness. I've been hating this house for months! Now Im sad thats its done?!? That's messed up.

Last night I was feeling conflicted as I drove. I turned on the radio and 'Alive' by Edwin was playing (really, it was!). That made me think I should be happy..... just to be alive apparently.

I know why Im sad (there are a lot of good memories in that house, it's our first house, Jacob was born there, the amount of work, etc) but... WHERE'S MY F$^%ING JOY?! My sense of satisfaction ?!? Something? Anything?

Maybe its the fact that this is just another step. We still are going to buy another house. Most likely really soon before the market goes crazy yet again.

Anyways, the place is done, I'll sort out my feelings as I go.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcome! To Fantasy Island!!

I think even my wife has stopped reading this due to the sporadic frequency attributed to my posts.

The house is almost done. I cant let myself be jubilant yet, therein lies the path to disappointment. When the last task is done, the house is listed, sold, and I actually can see the money in my account, then I will believe. Has faith been pounded out of me? Its the same feeling I get when Im in an airport. I cant relax until Im through security, the boarding gate and Im actually sitting on a plane. Im sure there's some psychological disorder attributed to it. If not, I hereby claim this malady as 'Anthotic'.

'Im sorry sir, there's nothing to be done. You're really quite Anthotic. There's no cure Im afraid. We can prescribe some drugs to lesson the effect, you wont be cured but you wont care.'

The House (dun dun dun dah!) actually looks pretty great. There are 1 or 2 little things to do and then clean up and thats it, finally. I tell myself that it's still November 2006. Thats when we wanted it done and on the market.... ha!

Next weekend for sure... I'll take pictures!