Thursday, April 17, 2014

When any substance is constrained, there will be leakage if enough pressure is applied to the container. Sometimes it ain't pretty....

I am the container, the pressure is stressing me and I feel the 'crap' leaking out.

I was sitting at my desk wondering how I got where I am and remembered this thing that I used to do in order to vent...

I read my old posts and a few things came to me.

One, I think I used to be more clever. There were a few moments of clarity there... I suppose pain and trials will do that to you.

Two, I thought I had written more. Though the span of this blog stretches years, there certainly is a lack of substance.

So where am I now?

I'm still living in Sherwood Park.
I'm still married to Catherine.
I have two boys Jacob 8 (almost 9), Nathan 6. Jacob is in grade 3 now. Nathan is in kindergarten.

Like my earlier posts I have a 'half-finished' house. Also, I will never finish the renovations... :(
I fix one thing and several more popup. I've come to believe that it's better just to leave it alone.

My job atmosphere is a little toxic these days. The company is growing into a much larger, more unfriendly company. The latest truth is "Until Moral improves around here, the beatings will continue!".
The company core values state: "We want to maintain an environment of mutual respect, trust and having fun at work". I can attest that this is not the case. When it comes right down to it, the reality is an environment where the most important skill is how to cover your ass and point the finger of blame at the next person.

Molehills indeed grow into mountains. Trust no-one.

In fact I wonder if this post will remain ever private because who knows who is listening. Geez I shouldn't be writing this during my work hours, but man I'm trying to keep from going postal! Venting helps.

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