Thursday, November 08, 2012

Performance Reviews

Seriously, who makes up these processes?

At my work you have to evaluate yourself and then rate yourself 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest) in specific categories. You can't give yourself a 5 because 'noone' gets a 5 or you'd be perfect and conversely 1 is also out of bounds because well you'd be asking your boss to fire you. So the real range is 2-4. If you do give yourself a 4 you'd better be exceptional in that area because.... right after you rate yourself and then justify it with a paragraph or two (or more I can never figure out how much I should write), the supervisor then rates you and justifies his ratings.

It's usually an ambush...

An annual ceremony of humiliation designed to put you in your place perhaps? Maybe it's just my supervisor and it's more 'fair' elsewhere. Because the scale is so small, each increment is a world of difference. If your supervisor is kind of a dick, then you look out to lunch just by having a different rating. And really does your opinion matter that much? Doubtful.

Regardless, the person you approves your pay raise is the same person evaluating you so just tell me already how you think I did and leave it at that. Don't ambush me...

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