Friday, May 11, 2007

Condiments make things tasty!!

I started this blog with a chip on my shoulder and serious need for an outlet (one that wouldn't wind up with me incarcerated) all you have to do is go back to the beginning of my posts to see how enormous the wood was (even if only in my mind).

Now as the fog begins to lift, so does my disposition. I still have plenty that I could humorously gripe about... though as I purvey the smorgasbord of options, I wonder to what purpose?

I suppose that's why I haven't written in a while. Unsure of what to write, I was caught in a doldrums-like state with no winds of inspiration to drive me. That and I got lazy... really lazy. After 9 months of hard work I kicked back and said f(*& it!

I decided to visit my blog today however and saw that there were new comments! Oh joy of joys my life has meaning again! Pffffft! ............Seriously though, it sparked enough of a desire to break the inertia of mental purgatory that I've been in..... at least for a bit anyhow.

So what to talk about? video games? tech crap? news? politics? sports? family life? I suppose I can do a little of 'all of the above'. There's certainly a lot of griping left to do! I still have to move yet again! One more voice of 'reason' amongst all the crazy people mumbling to themselves will most likely be indistinguishable from white noise

There's also one thing for sure. I'm not dedicated enough to have multiple blogs..... so a mishmash it will stay!

1 comment:

Robert Vollman said...

Yes, more griping.

Your misery makes us all feel better about our own lives. :)

It's not a guilty pleasure to take joy in your griping because, despite it all, it sounds like you have an amazingly blessed and fantastic life.

Of course, if you blogged about that, then we'd all think you're rubbing our faces in it, so stick to the griping about how miserable you are.