Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I like it rough....

I'm hurting.... and not in a good way.

We're 95% moved out of our old house and into the new. There's still a piano in the basement, a few things in the garage, and some odds and ends here and there. If there's one thing this move reminded me of, is that hiring movers is a good thing. You get to sit back and watch the work. When you get friends to help, you still have to work your ass off! It was good that we had some help, but Im in pain!

The process has been bloody long. From the moment I accepted this assignment, to the preparation to come up here, to the month up here by myself, the attempt to build a house, the rental, the first move, the months and months of f&$%ing renovations, the sale of the old house, the buying of the new house, and now the latest move.... what the hell was I thinking!?!

You would think that financially the whole thing probably paid off..... nope! Once I factor in all the costs, the moves, the renos, the trips back and forth, the insane marketplace, and all the excrement I described above.... it puts me back to where I started and maybe even a little further behind than that.

Was it good for my family? The jury's still deliberating. Im closer to work, though I've had to work 10 hour days pretty much from the start, so thats a wash. We havent had a chance to relax and enjoy anything, so that's been a big stress. I'd like to say that things will change and hopefully they will.

We're almost down to one house.... almost. Of course now as we focus our attention on the house we see all the crap that needs to be done on this one......

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